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  • 据悉,为进一步延伸服务手臂,更好地团结引导新曲艺群体,曲艺节期间,组委会将在天津三个曲艺小剧场举行相声专场演出,来自全国曲艺小剧场的相声演员将与天津同行同台献艺。
  • 风光580Pro的推出是东风风光在汽车行业变革环境下,洞悉用户需求,在品质之路上的积极探索,也标志着东风风光迈入了更高品质发展的新时代。
  • 夏季气温高,孩子更爱出汗,加上吹空调,一不留神就容易感冒发烧。有些孩子发烧时会出现抽筋状况,需警惕诱发婴幼儿最常见的热性惊厥。
  • 新华网淞沪4月18日电以“共创美好生活”为主题的第18届淞沪国际汽车工业展览会(简称“2019淞沪车展”)16日正式拉开帷幕。在这里,我们不仅能捕捉行业发展的前瞻动向,也能一窥各大车企的最新主张。车展媒体日,京城梅赛德斯-奔驰销售服务有限公司高级执行副总裁张焱在接受新华汽车专访时表示,随着近10 款SUV 产品进入东方大国市场,将迎来又一“奔驰SUV 之年”,全新EQC纯电SUV也将开启奔驰在华新能源战略的新篇章。销售网点数量的增长不再是首要任务,奔驰正着重提升经销商的运营质量和服务体验。
  • 本次召回范围内的部分车辆,因制动助力真空泵等原因,导致制动助力真空泵失效,在车辆使用过程中会出现制动助力性能不足,甚至失去制动真空助力功能,存在安全隐患。

E-commerce to drive value-added product consumption in China

ca88官网 The trend in China is increasingly towards value-added, processed seafood products, Cui He of the China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA) told his panel at the SeaWeb summit. The current market share for processed seafood goods is 35%, but this is expected to continue increasing in the coming years, driven in part by e-commerce. The chief driver behind this move is convenience, he said, with younger generations looking for a quicker solution than cleaning and cooking a whole fish. In this way, the market share, and variety of, value-added and ready-processed seafood is expected to increase, particularly via online shops. The importance of online retail is such that CAPPMA has been in discussion with e-commerce giant Tmall to guarantee the traceability of all fish sold through the online mall this year, said He. In order to serve a market which …

policy research
Consultative Services, Project Surveys and Policy Advices

Standards Formulation
Working out industrial standards for aquatic products

Industrial Self-discipline
Giving warning for crisis and leading sustainable development

Credit Evaluation
Carrying out enterprises credit assessment

Brand Strategy
Promoting brand building up and improving

International Communication
Establishing partnership with international organizations

Information Collecting
Collecting and releasing industrial information home and abroad

Exhibition and Exchange
Organizing enterprises to attend the professional exhibitions

Export Seafood Auditing
Auditing the certification for wild-caught seafood export